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Pavlos & Daniela

Pavlos is an architect, working and living in Cyprus, and Daniela is from Greece, dealing with the photography business. They fallen in love and got married in Thessaloniki, Greece but the range of friends and relatives was so big, they had to continue their wedding joy in a second round of ceremony and partying, in Cyprus, Nicosia, summer of '14. They carried their very uplifting and carefree mood from the night before at Greece, and here are some samples from their very Cypriot wedding reception at Cultura Atrium.

PavlosDanniela-01.JPG     PavlosDanniela-02.JPG     PavlosDanniela-03.JPG  PavlosDanniela-04.JPG  PavlosDanniela-05.JPG  PavlosDanniela-06.JPG  PavlosDanniela-07.JPG  PavlosDanniela-08.JPG  PavlosDanniela-09.JPG  PavlosDanniela-10.JPG   PavlosDanniela-11.JPG  PavlosDanniela-12.JPG  PavlosDanniela-13.JPG  PavlosDanniela-14.JPG  PavlosDanniela-15.JPG  PavlosDanniela-16.JPG  PavlosDanniela-17.JPG  PavlosDanniela-18.JPG  PavlosDanniela-19.JPG  PavlosDanniela-20.JPG  PavlosDanniela-21.JPG  PavlosDanniela-22.JPG  PavlosDanniela-23.JPG  PavlosDanniela-24.JPG  PavlosDanniela-25.JPG  PavlosDanniela-26.JPG  PavlosDanniela-27.JPG  PavlosDanniela-28.JPG  PavlosDanniela-29.JPG