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Paris & Chara

Paris and Chara (samples from ongoing Wedding album under development). They got wed a couple of weeks back in Limassol, and we all gathered afterwards in a gorgeous open-space party. Cool breeze and light wind, and the guys really now how to party with their friends! In this preview, you'll find moments from the traditional "Zosmata / Stolismata " photo sessions at both the bride's and groom's family places, as well as snapshots from the Wedding ceremony and the party that followed.


Paris_and_Hara_wedding-1.JPG Paris_and_Hara_wedding-2.JPG Paris_and_Hara_wedding-3.JPG Paris_and_Hara_wedding-4.JPG Paris_and_Hara_wedding-5.JPG Paris_and_Hara_wedding-6.JPG Paris_and_Hara_wedding-7.JPG Paris_and_Hara_wedding-8.JPG Paris_and_Hara_wedding-9.JPG  Paris_and_Hara_wedding-10.JPG Paris_and_Hara_wedding-11.JPG Paris_and_Hara_wedding-12.JPGParis_and_Hara_wedding-13.JPG Paris_and_Hara_wedding-14.JPG Paris_and_Hara_wedding-15.JPG Paris_and_Hara_wedding-16.JPG Paris_and_Hara_wedding-17.JPG Paris_and_Hara_wedding-18.JPG Paris_and_Hara_wedding-19.JPG Paris_and_Hara_wedding-20.JPG Paris_and_Hara_wedding-21.JPG